Day 2 at the Sewing Expo

Peggy Sagers / Cynthia Guffey / Peggy Sagers / June Colburn

You can’t get a better schedule than that. I might be a bit biased in my instructors, but why not go with the best, right?

The day started out with Peggy making a blouse in ONE HOUR using factory methods. This is like my third time taking this workshop, but this time I’m making the darn blouse. In Peggy’s next webinar she’ll actually make the blouse LIVE online. I’ll be following along. Now I have no excuse. Oh yeah, and I also won a book.

Me and Peggy Sagers

Cynthia whipped us into shape explaining why the problems we blame on the “armhole” are NOT armhole issues. “Follow the wrinkles. They point back to the area that needs attention.” She showed us how to get the measurements of a well fitting sleeve and use those measurements with any pattern. I did this once I got home and found that several of my favorite jackets had close to or the same measurements. Now I know the numbers for a perfect jacket sleeve for me.

Now over the last couple of years, I’ve developed a fascination for all these beautiful purses I’ve seen online and at all the Expos. June Colburn’s workshop did nothing to curtail that interest. Just the opposite. Isn’t this beautiful? How can I resist that pattern?

June Colburn hand bag

A great fit starts with good measurements and Cynthia told us all the measurements needed to fit a pair of trousers. On her site, Carolyn praised one of Cynthia’s book so I made a note to pick up a copy this weekend. A little birdie told me to check my sewing room beforehand and what do you think I found? Not only Cynthia’s Precision Measuring & Pattern Alterations book but TWO copies of her Pants Fitting Workbook too. I’ve been ignoring my sewing room for way too long.

And now for the booty. Drum roll, please.

expo goodies



Oh yeah. I had a fine time at the expo this year.

Do you go to sewing conferences? If so, which ones?

Sewing Expo 2011 – Day 1

I could kick myself.

I took my time going over to the Expo this morning. Why should I rush? My first workshop was at 12:30 and the vendor section doesn’t open til like 10:00. Right? WRONG! The Expo and Fashion stages had shows every 30 minutes starting at 9:30. I got there around 11:00. Wasn’t I suppose to be working on that being late thing? Yeah. It “ain’t” working.

With about 45 minutes before my workshop, I rush to where Vogue Fabrics has been setup the last few years and they’re not there. WHAT? WHERE ARE THEY? I spend another five minutes walking up and down all the aisles trying to find them. FINALLY I see them up front near the doors I came in. DOH! I don’t want to be late for class so I know I won’t be getting fabric cut. So, I take cell phone shots of the pieces that interest me. I’m surprised I’m not overwhelmed by choices like I have been in the past. What’s up with that? Not only that, but usually that area is like a mad house and you can barely get to the fabric. Is it the economy or maybe it’s simply because it was a weekday.

At 12:27 I make a mad dash for Salon 10. Where the heck is Salon 10? I get there with a minute to spare and we’re given these:


Aren’t they cute? We learned all about the Seam Method of Pattern Alteration.

Seam Method Alteration


Next I’m off to spend an hour with Peggy Sagers to discuss Tissue Fitting and then it’s SHOPPING TIME. 🙂


I love going to this conference. I didn’t win anything in the drawing, but I sure learned a lot today. Now I just need to put it into practice. I think I’m off to a good start though. All the other years, the bags would get tossed into the sewing room and I may not see that stuff until months later when I’d forgotten everything I learned. This year I’m determined to practice what I learn. Stay tuned and keep me honest.

The Brother reps gave me a demo of their latest sewing machine. That is a HUGE machine. My Bernina 1230 is about 18 years old and I’m still happy with it, but I think I’d like something newer to go along with it. I have no preference for brands so I have no clue as to what to buy. What brand of sewing machine do you have and why did you buy it?