About Jeanette

Hi. My name is Jeanette and I’m a sewist.

Boy, that sounds just like an alcoholics anonymous introduction. Well, sewing is an addiction, so maybe it’s appropriate. Anyway, I’m a sewist and I’ve been sewing since my grandmother taught me to sew on her Singer treadle sewing machine. That would be about 38 years ago. Wow! I’ve been sewing a long time. But really I haven’t.

All through high school and college, I made a lot of my clothes, especially for those special occasions like the prom, banquets and sorority events. After graduation, the real world set in, but I still found time to sew. Then with marriage, a mortgage and a couple of kids, my sewing took a back seat and only came out for costumes for school plays, Halloween, etc. Still, I did make the occasional dress for that special occasion.

I never really gave up my addition. After all, there was still fabric to buy even though I wasn’t sewing. Then I learned about the annual Sewing & Quilt Expo. Every year I attended, where I learned new techniques, bought new tools and more fabric. My new sewing room became a store room where I stockpiled my goodies – never to be used, but dearly loved.

Fast-forward 10 years and I began sewing again. Who knew I had such a love for the Renaissance and Victorian periods? Of course that could have something to do with one of my favorite paranormal authors (Sherrilyn Kenyon) and DragonCon. But who cares. I was sewing again. Still going to the Sewing Expo. Still collecting fabric and tossing it into that black hole that had become my non-sewing sewing room.

A few more years go by.

Now, finally after seeing some of the amazing clothes being shared on blogs like Gigi Sews, Diary of a Sewing Fanatic and Couture et Tricot, I’ve decided to get my butt in gear and take full advantage of this gift. One should always take full advantage of any and all skills you have. I’ve neglected mine, but I plan to rectify that.

So stop by every now and then and see how I’m doing. Ask a question or make a comment. They’re both more than welcome. And perhaps one day we’ll get to sew together. Wouldn’t that be fun.